How to Get Free Coins in Slotomania

How to Get Free Coins in Slotomania

If you are a slots player, I’m sure you know about how to get free coins in slotomania. This is one of the most effective strategies that most of the professional gamblers are using to gain extra money. The main question that would be crossing your mind would be how they are doing it and what are these slots sites doing to get you to sign up. Well, there are many ways to do it but some of the most popular methods are listed below. Read on to discover how these methods work and how you can start earning some real money from them as well.

how to get free coins in slotomania

First and foremost, you need to locate some good quality casino slots machines. These casinos are usually promoting new offers or games on these slots so as to attract you to play with them. One way to do this is to give away free coins to the players who come to the casino with the intention of trying out these slots. You may also get lucky and find a free slot machine which has a jackpot that you can try to win. If the jackpot prize is big enough, then you can forget about trying the other machines and just play the one which has the biggest prize.

Once you have identified some good machines, you should carefully study their mechanisms and the codes which are installed in the machine. You should try to identify which of the slot machines are pay per play or pay per spin. Once you are confident enough, you can play these machines for free and see how they operate.

Another way of getting coins in slotomania is to exchange them for cash at the casino. There are various shops located near the casinos, which deal in coins. You can exchange your coins for cash and use them to play the slots.

One of the oldest ways of how to get free coins in slotomania is by asking the dealer if you can try his slots for free. Casinos do not usually allow players to try their slots for free as they want to make sure that the person will stick to them and will come back to play with them again in the casino. However, if you tell him that you want to play a slot and win all the coins, he might just give you the option of exchanging your winnings for prizes. The chances of winning big in this method are almost zero but it is a good way of learning how the machines work.

You could also try going to some of the casinos that offer second chance games. These casinos are usually meant for people who have been once or twice in casinos before and who have been dealt bad hands and cannot win again. In these casinos, free coins are given to the player to let them win some money. This is the same idea as in the other two types of casinos: if you play and win, you can exchange it for some other prize; however, if you do not win, you will get free coins.