Free Coins Slotomania – The Obama Administration Should Increase Funding For Coin Casinos

Free Coins Slotomania – The Obama Administration Should Increase Funding For Coin Casinos

free coins slotomania

Free Coins Slotomania – The Obama Administration Should Increase Funding For Coin Casinos

In the second video, titled “freeing money”, I went over the reasons why casinos would not allow slot players to use free coins in slots. At the time of this article writing, the first real free coins slot machine was released to the public. This machine operates in much the same way as the original machine with two coins inserted per line. There is a three dime maximum per line.

In this video, slot lovers learned that the Free Money slot machines at Online Casino #2 did not really work and did not win. But keeping the theme of the previous two videos, continue the tale of free coins slotomania. After years of trying to convince the powers that be that gambling is a good thing and should be legalized, states began allowing electronic betting on casino slots only within their legal borders with legalized cell phone horse race betting. While this might seem like a good idea, it did not go over well with the local casino owners and they boy it up big time.

The main complaint that I heard from many slot players after the introduction of free coins slotomania online was that the free coins did not let them win money playing slots. The problem was not really that the free coins did not let them win money on the slots, but rather that the casinos did not want them to win money on the slots. They realized that if they created more virtual lines, then they could take away from the real money slot players who also had an unlimited number of lines. That is a major problem in today’s world when it comes to casino security. Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a recent attempted attack on an online casino in Cyprus because the casino wanted to shut down the internet for several hours to prevent the attack.

Of course, the government had something to do with this because they were trying to create more jobs in the struggling economy. The casino owners did not see this as a job creation opportunity and therefore they are blaming the Obama administration for putting off the firing of the free-spinning slots machine. Many people do not realize that the Obama administration has been cutting funding for the Department of Defense and green-energy programs which are much needed to stimulate the economy. This is the exact opposite of creating jobs, yet the Obama Administration seems to think that we need more free slots machine to add to the entertainment value in the casino.

I am not sure whether the Obama Administration is purposely trying to keep the free-spin slots machine running, but it is obvious that they have no other choice because all the slot machine games are closed now until further notice. If you are smart, you will not be gambling on any of the online gambling sites until they re-open. I have never seen any indication from the Obama Administration that they will be providing additional funding for the military, or even jobs for the coal miners who have lost their jobs due to the price of coal. In fact, I have read several articles online from political pundits who seem to have forgotten all about the stimulus plan that President Obama has signed into law, even though that was probably one of his primary agendas when he was elected President of the United States of America.

If the Obama Administration is really interested in job creation, then they should be helping the coal miners who have lost their jobs in the last two years to get new ones. These are the same people who will be playing these very same online slot and video poker games during the recession. In my opinion, it is time for the Obama Administration to reverse the jobs loss in the mining industry and give these miners a second chance in the game they love. With unemployment on the rise, the last thing that the Obama Administration needs to do is create a jobs bubble through the gaming industry that will inevitably lead to financial disaster when the bubble bursts. Please consider all this.