Parents of a Seven-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gambled Away Therapy Donations

Parents of a Seven-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gambled Away Therapy Donations

Parents of a Seven-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gambled Away Treatment Donations

Charitable contributions gambled away

Parents of a seven-year-old cancer patient in Malta have been accused of gambling away charitable donations for the child’s treatment.

misappropriation, funds laundering, and fraud

The parents, 31 and 27, were arraigned just before magistrate Astrid May possibly Grima beneath the crimes of misappropriation, money laundering, and fraud on Thursday. Police inspector Tom Joe Farrugia and Attorney Basic prosecutor lawyer Karl Muscat spearheaded the proceedings.

The parents pleaded not guilty on all charges and sought release on bail. Neither is at present employed.

The defense and prosecution

The defense’s lawyer, Noel Bianco, made the case that the accused have been becoming treated unfairly by the system.

“The accused are Maltese and cooperated with the police,” said Bianco. “I don’t see why bail need to be refused.”

Bianco also created the case that keeping the parents in prison would result in psychological harm to the youngster. Both parents had posted bail previously and had not created any attempts to bribe witnesses.

the crimes have been so irresponsibly heinous that they did not deserve bail

Muscat disagreed with Bianco’s sentiments, stating that the crimes have been so irresponsibly heinous that they did not deserve bail.

“There had been many entities and individuals who donated money to help fund their son’s remedy, but as an alternative of utilizing them for this purpose, they gambled it all away,” said Muscat.

The prosecution held special contempt against the father, who had a length criminal history.

“[The father’s] criminal record is 26 pages lengthy and in addition to this, he is not trustworthy. It is clear that this court can not have peace of mind if he is released from arrest,” said Muscat, who also noted that the investigation was nonetheless creating, and absolutely everyone who donated to the fund would need to be interviewed as a witness.

The prosecution eventually agreed to let the mother post bail to limit potential mental strain on the kid. The case is nevertheless becoming heard in court.

Final results in court

For the duration of an interrogation, the father revealed that his bookmaker could attest to him only gambling his private money. The man stated that all of the money used had come from prior horse race winnings, and none of it had come by way of donations to his son’s fund.

The father also shared that the bookie had paid out his winnings, but that he had taken in far more in losses throughout the same period. He is set to testify as the 1st witness in the next sitting.

Nevertheless, Muscat unearthed that the father was not acting just on his own accord.

Investigations revealed that when he gambled on-line, he wasn’t utilizing his personal funds, but hers.”

“[The mother] was also conscious of every thing that was going on,” Muscat stated. “Investigations revealed that when he gambled on the web, he wasn’t employing his personal money, but hers.”

Bianco acquiesced to the pressure on the father but did not stray from his stance on setting bail.

“This youngster is quite attached to his parents,” mentioned Bianco. “Both accused must advantage from bail, albeit with harsher situations for [the father].”

Muscat opposed the plea, stating that the bookmaker’s assistant had been present for the duration of their interactions, and the case hinged on his testimony, fearing that the father would try to influence him if let out.

The court at some point settled on no bail for that father and €10,000 for the mother, €1,000 of which was paid upfront.

The defense then requested that the names of the suspects be withheld because they had appeared on a regional talk show and were effortlessly identifiable the prosecution objected, but the court sided with the parents.&nbsp

The court also granted the prosecution’s request to freeze the parents’ assets.